[PATCH] Mac OS X application icon support

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at freenet.de
Sat Dec 29 17:33:36 GMT 2007

Ralf Habacker schrieb:
> Harald Fernengel schrieb:
>> Ralf Habacker wrote:
>>> Harald Fernengel schrieb:
>>>> similarly to KDE4_ADD_WIN32_APP_ICON, this patch adds a
>>>> KDE4_ADD_MACOSX_APP_ICON to KDE4Macros.cmake, so KDE applications
>>>> won't have the boring default icon when opened in Finder.
>>>> Unfortunately, I can't reuse the WIN32_APP_ICON macro, since on
>>>> Windows, the app icon is 32x32 and it's compiled into the binary,
>>>> whereas on Mac, it's usually 128x128 and copied into the application
>>>> bundle at install time.
>>> The initial version of the win32 related macro used a
>>> directory/pattern based search for icons and selected the really used
>>> icons inside the macro to be platform independent. See
>>> http://websvn.kde.org/?view=rev&revision=720773 for this version
>>> I don't know why this was removed :-(
>>> Would the following form would be usable by mac os too ?  If so there
>>> could only be one macros for win32 and mac platform and the magics are
>>> done inside the macr.
>>> KDE4_ADD_APP_ICON(<target> <icon-path-pattern> <source-variable>)
>> Looks good to me - provided that my cmake skills are good enough to
>> extract the 128x128 icon from the icon-path-pattern :)
> I updated the patch - on win32 it is already working.
> In the mac osx part i added code to extract the 128'er icon and made 
> it more like the win32 part - hope it does not break something else. 
> Can you test the mac os x part ?
Just one note The GET_FILENAME_COMPONENT(_name ${it} NAME_WE) line in 
the FOREACH loop isn't used and can be removed.


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