KPropertiesDialog needs a fix

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at
Mon Dec 24 23:43:54 GMT 2007

Rafael Fernández López wrote:

> Hi again,
> This patch is the ideal one. This hides the stack for sanity and to make
> safer as David pointed out on IRC. This completely fixes the tests on
> kdeui/tests regarding this classes. Apart from the tab known problem (that
> is visible when chaning to tabbed view on kpagewidgettest, or on
> properties dialog), there were problems with selections.
> If no one objects, I will do this commit along Friday 28th. If the commit
> is not done on Friday 28th, please somebody do it on Saturday 29th.

I was about to post a very similar patch, except mine didn't get the tab
widget to resize correctly.
I applied your patch and didn't find any problem. It's much better than my
previous one because it fixes all dialogs using KPageView::Tabbed. I
checked it in KPPP (the configure dialog) and KOrganizer (the add event


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