Small KApplication cleanups

David Faure faure at
Mon Dec 24 09:52:53 GMT 2007

On Sunday 23 December 2007, Urs Wolfer wrote:
> Hi all
> While looking into kapplication.cpp, I have seen some things that are not 
> really nice or not required anymore. Please see the attached patch.
> Key points:
> * cleaner icon loading code
> * remove not anymore needed KDE 3 workarounds (I was not able to reproduce the 
> described issues anymore)
> If there are no objections, I will commit these small changes tomorrow.

> -        QString reqStyle(args->getOption("style").toLower());
> +        QString reqStyle(args->getOption("style"));
Why this change? It makes the --style argument case sensitive which is stricter on the user.

> -        // Workaround for focus stealing prevention not working when dragging e.g. text from KWrite
> -        // to KDesktop 
I wonder how you re-tested that one given that kdesktop is no more. But the underlying issue
might still be there...

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