Error compiling kdebase

Jeff Mitchell kde-dev at
Sun Dec 23 21:33:36 GMT 2007

On Sunday 23 December 2007, Jaison Lee wrote:
> > Well, that was the intent at least  :-)  I didn't know it's never
> > worked...
> >
> > No, I didn't put any time into this yet.  I assume once it's fixed you'll
> > post to kde-core-devel?  (feel free to cc me too  :-)  )
> Revision 752075 fixes this. Start with a full recompile of kdelibs in
> Release mode and you'll see your first real Release mode code.
> Incidentally, from a user-level standpoint it's wonderfully, amazingly
> fast. :)  I look forward to your comparisons.

Awesome, glad to hear it...thanks for fixing things.  I'm building both debug 
and release builds right now, totally fresh.  I don't really have any hard 
benchmarks in mind, just "how it feels"...which in the end, to a normal user, 
is what really matters  :-)

I'll post back to this list with some details (under another topic header).

I'm thinking of also cataloguing bugs as I find them.  Some I'm sure people 
will know about, but with 18 days left...


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