Error compiling kdebase

Jaison Lee lee.jaison at
Sun Dec 23 14:43:16 GMT 2007

> > Well, that was the intent at least :-) I didn't know it's never worked...
> Actuall, Jason is wrong - it worked for me quite fine two of three days ago -
> and earlier too.

Dmitry you are incorrect. Please try and look into things a bit more
before contradicting someone. Prior to about 3 days ago Release mode
compiled, but never worked. If you yourself were running in Release
mode I'm forced to wonder how you missed all the thousands of lines of
debug output heading to your screen. 3 days ago Allen fixed the
underlying build problem, but then this broke some Release mode stuff
in kdebug.h, causing compile errors all over the place. I've since
fixed this problem, at least as far as I can tell. You may now
correctly tell people that Release mode works. :)

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