KCalendarSystemChinese - calendar for Chinese in KDE 4

John Layt johnlayt at yahoo.com.au
Sat Dec 22 19:12:00 GMT 2007

On Thursday 20 December 2007, Liang Qi wrote:
> Hi, all,

Hi Liang!

> There is no code for Chinese calendar, which is mostly used by people
> in or from East Asia, China, Korean, Japan and so on.
> I just based on the code of ccal and create KCalendarSystemChinese.

That's brilliant, the Chinese Calendar was on my To Do list for 4.1, so you've 
saved me the effort.  Obviously we won't be able to include this 4.0, but it 
can be included in the 4.1 branch when it opens after the 4.0 release.

I'll look at your code at some point over the Christmas holiday break and 
answer your other questions, but I can quickly answer these two.

> 1. for virtual bool setDate( QDate &date, int year, int month, int day
> ), what's it for? what's the difference between it with setYMD? Is it
> my understanding(in my current code) right or not?

QDate used to use setYMD(), but this has been deprecated in favour of 
setDate() due to some backwards compatability issues in Qt.  We have just 
mirrored that without there being any difference in how they work.

> 2. for epoch(), what's it?

Epoch is the first date in the calendar system, for example for Gregorian 
Calendar epoch would be 1 Jan 1 AD.  This is different to earliestValidDate() 
which is the first date that the calculation code is valid for, which may be 
the same as the epoch, or earlier or later than it.




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