KPropertiesDialog needs a fix

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Sat Dec 22 04:23:30 GMT 2007

Hi all,

Tonight I've been trying to fix KPropertiesDialog. Reminding:

This is just unacceptable. This will be a very used dialog and it just looks 
inconsistent, broken. My attempt to fix it has been:

As you can see, the top right is not painted correctly, and I would like to 
know if someone could give a hand here. I would be pleased to see this fixed.

Attached the patch I've been working on.

Now, there are some problems. For example, when running "kcmshell4 style", you 

What looks actually strange to me. Look at the border coming from the title 
that shouldn't be drawn. I wonder why from the title we are creating a tabbar 
just for one widget (the one being shown).

So now, there are some possibilities:

- Some really good and incredible person (:P) could take a look at my patch 
and how to make the rest of the widget be drawn correctly.

- We could consider using QTabWidget instead of QTabBar for the 
KPropertiesDialog (that is created after all the stuff on 

- We could fix the modules in where we add a widget that should be used for 
tabbing and there is only one widget being added.

So, that's all for now folks, 
Rafael Fernández López

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