'coenig' related

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at freenet.de
Tue Dec 11 22:40:40 GMT 2007


I just saw the kde4 rc2 announcement on 
http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0-rc2.php and stumbeld over 
the term 'coenig'.

In german the term 'K├Ânig' means "king" and I don't know if the rc2 
codename was choosed knowing this affinity.

As thinking about this a while I asked myself if the recently used 
mascot is able to settle the claims KDE 4 is going to fullfill, for 
example the multi platform feature mentioned in 

Then I asked myself which animal is associated with the term "king" and 
found http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lion where it says about the lion

"A common depiction is their representation 'king 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monarch> of the jungle' or 'king of the 
beasts'; hence, the lion has been a popular symbol of royalty and 

so I'm asking myself if it would be a good idea to use a lion as konqi's 
successors or not. What do other people think about this topic ?


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