kde vs. locales

Lukáš Tinkl ltinkl at redhat.com
Fri Dec 7 12:22:07 GMT 2007

Dne Saturday 24. of November 2007 20:35:15 Oswald Buddenhagen napsal(a):
> a somewhat less tiny problem: kde currently allows incredibly
> fine-grained localization settings which simply cannot be represented
> via LC_*. the kcm_locale could try to match the settings to existing
> locales. if no match is found, a) the user is prompted to confirm and
> b) klocale is instructed to use the kde setting instead of the
> corresponding LC_* for this particular setting, thus making it
> inconsistent with non-kde apps again. i'm not sure it's worth it -
> maybe the kcm should just offer the preset locales instead.

My main concern is how we handle those "special" or fine-grained settings 
then? Think of extended date/time formats, declensed month names, first day 
of week etc. IIRC all those setting cannot be represented by glibc LC_ 

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