[RFC] Use QFileSystemWatcher as another method for KDirWatch?

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at gmx.de
Thu Dec 6 16:56:44 GMT 2007

Flavio Castelli schrieb:
> On Wednesday 05 December 2007 20:24:27 Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
>>> Using kdirwatch on windows is very cpu consuming (kded sometimes use 40%
>>> cpu on my duron 1300). Therefore I want to implement QFileSystemWatcher
>>> as an optional method. Is there a reason why this should not work? Should
>>> it be an optional or a hard dependency?
> Excuse me but I lost the first mail, so I'll quote here.
> There's also the possibility to add "ntfs change journal"[1] support to 
> KDirWatch. Unfortunately this feature is supported only on ntfs file system 
> (no fat support), but I think it should be useful to support it.
> Since I'm going to add this feature inside Strigi, I can also update KDirWatch 
> (as I've done some times ago with another feature).
I don't think this is needed. As QFileSystemWatcher works fine on
windows I don't see a reason why we should implement another method -
keep in mind that we then would have to support this method. When
QFileSystemWatcher has a bug, tt has to care about and not we :)


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