Changing nice layouts for html tags

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Thu Dec 6 01:42:01 GMT 2007


> Then we should go ahead and fix it! There are _many_ usecases of such HTML
> links (not only for URLs.) Should we port all them away from QLabel to
> KUrlLabel? IMHO not.

I'm not saying porting all HTML to widgets... but the other (widgets to HTML) 
is probably unnecessary and sometimes bad.

This case is because of a Qt bug that I already patched on qt-copy. I also 
informed qt-bugs about the issue.

They hardcoded Qt::blue when a link came, instead of using the link palette 

> I don't know if this is possible in the current Qt stylesheet
> implementation. If not, we could probably request a change to have the link
> text color like a highlight color in the current color scheme. Unreadable
> links are not just in KDE a issue...

We are safe, this change does not reach stylesheets :) I thought it could, but 
it definetly doesn't. :)

> I don't agree. Please have a look at the attached screenshot. Which layout
> do you like more?

Well, to be honest, the widget one fixed could be comfortable.

> It's your code. Feel free to do so (I have seen that you have done so
> alrady before you got any answers).
> I'm not entirely happy to see it reverted. For me the current widget layout
> looks very broken.

Okay, I agree it can be improved. Well, as apaku later suggests it can be 
improved, but there is no need currently to move it to HTML code.

> My comment for the about dialog change: We have had such a widgets layout
> in KDE 3 times. It was a mess of KUrlLabel, KActiveLabels and QLabels. The
> code was several hundred lines only for layouting these widgets... Now we
> have a IMHO clean and easy to maintain layout of all text on these dialogs.

Probably on the long term HTML tags are better, but I really prefer HTML to 
web sites. I don't know, I just feel strange using HTML for such stuff.

BTW, I am going to give a try to what apaku points later on the reply.

Thanks Urs for your work, really. Rereading my mail I think it could have 
sounded rude. It wasn't in that way, but exact the opposite.

Bye and thanks,
Rafael Fernández López

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