[RFC] Use QFileSystemWatcher as another method for KDirWatch?

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at gmx.de
Wed Dec 5 22:11:53 GMT 2007

Andreas Pakulat schrieb:
> On 05.12.07 20:24:27, Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
>> Christian Ehrlicher schrieb:
>>> Hi,
>>> Using kdirwatch on windows is very cpu consuming (kded sometimes use 40% cpu on my duron 1300). Therefore I want to implement QFileSystemWatcher as an optional method. Is there a reason why this should not work? Should it be an optional or a hard dependency?
>> Ok, here the patch.
>> I enabled it only for windows to not get in trouble with 4.0.0. There's
>> a bug (task-tracker id 170021) which prevents watching directories on a
>> fat32 partition. It's fixed in 4.4 but it would be nice when this patch
>> could be applied to qt-copy.
> Does this support all features of KDirWatch? Last time I checked
> QFSWatcher had some limitations.
There's one major difference between KDirWatch and QFileSystemWatcher.
KDirWatch can watch files/dirs which do not exist yet.
Any other difference you're aware of?
> And if it supports all features, I think KDirWatch could simply drop its
> kqueue and inotify implementations and use QFSWatcher for that as well.
> Which would mean using QFSWatcher as default on Win32 and wherever
> kqueue is used (I think BSD) and using FAM on linux or falling back to
> QFSWatcher if fam doesn't work/is not installed.
Yes, but we should wait for 4.1 until it's used on non-windows.


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