kde3/kde4 co-installability again

Oswald Buddenhagen ossi at kde.org
Wed Dec 5 09:13:30 GMT 2007

upon allen's request, here is a summary of the thread, so we can take
some action:

- kdesu moves back to bin. for packaging purposes, it's exchangeable
  with the kde3 version.

other runtime apps that are supposedly two-way compatible:
- kstart
- ktrash
- ksvgtopng
- khelpcenter

- kinfocenter moves to ... apps?
pusling says this:
> This should really be moved away from runtime. I still don't
> understand what it is doing in runtime in the first place.  A overview
> over your hardware can hardly be required for running kde apps.

apps to have a 4 appended:
- kdialog => move into runtime  (?)
- k{read,write}config: in principle it is exchangeable with the kde3
  version ... except that the hardcoded default paths in the libs are

- kdebugdialog is considered a devel-only app, yes?

apps to have the 4 removed again (because they are devel stuff):
- kde4automoc  (?)
- meinproc4   (?)

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