Colors - Performance impact of non-equal inactive and active palettes

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Tue Dec 4 17:26:21 GMT 2007

Robert Knight wrote:
> Konsole's terminal display is one such widget which doesn't use the
> highlight colour, and since its content consists entirely of text, a
> full update of a large Konsole window full of content is expensive.
> Currently a full update occurs because of the inactive/active switch
> every time the menu is accessed.

D'oh. This is because the widget *loses focus*, and because selection 
becomes "inactive" with loss of focus, not window active/inactive. So... 
this entire conversation is in fact not about active/inactive windows, 
but about big widgets being repainted when they gain/lose focus. In 
which case I still think that if Konsole does not distinguish (it 
doesn't, right?), it should suppress this change, since otherwise it is 
a needless penalty

Ideally, only the selection would be repainted in this case... but that 
might not be possible if the widget does something funky to indicate 

<punchline removed due to distasteful content>

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