Plans for khotkeys?

Will Stephenson wstephenson at
Tue Dec 4 08:35:30 GMT 2007

On Tuesday 04 December 2007 01:54:56 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> I just wanted to ask what the plans for khotkeys is? I'm using that
> thing everyday and I'm really missing it. I've got one of those fancy
> multimedia keyboards, so I've got an action set up for amarok stuff, to
> launch a mutt in konsole or open a new konqueror window.
> The kcm is still there, but even adding an action simply crashes it.

I don't have a specific plan for it.  My plan for systemsettings is to fix 
modules run as root, make sure all the modules we need are in it, and fix the 
layout problems it has, then fix problematic bugs in individual modules.  If 
someone else fixes a problem in a module first it will just make me happy :).

And if you do fix things, please mention it in the table at, thanks!

Will Stephenson
IRC: Bille

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