Missing KCompletionMatches copy operator

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sun Dec 2 21:36:47 GMT 2007

On 02.12.07 22:26:14, Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
> Hi,
> due to a missing copy operator I get a crash (on windows) when konqueror
> tries to display historyPopupCompletionItems.
> It happens because msvc (don't know if/how this works with gcc) creates
> a default copy ctor which does not copy the d-ptr correctly -> double
> free d-ptr -> crash.
> Afaics therer are also other classes which have d-ptr but no copy ctor
> (at least KCompletionBase and KCompletion).

KCompletion can't be copied (its a QObject subclass) and as far as I can
see KCompletionBase is not used as value type thus no need for a copy
constructor or assignment operator. If of course you can come up with a
use-case where KCompletionBase is subclassed by a class that is not a
QObject subclass as well and thus does allow copying itself...


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