death to kdeaddons, long live extragear!

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Wed Aug 29 22:18:04 BST 2007

On Wednesday, 29. August 2007, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Wednesday 29 August 2007, koos vriezen wrote:

> it's usually a few lines to add to a given CMakeLists.txt file to make
> something stand alone rather than conglomerated.

It has to be tested in e.g. the dashboard to make sure it doesn't break. I've 
seen plenty of times modular/non-modular builds break because the particular 
person who changed something only tested one scenario (myself included, heck, 
thats why I'm doing it in the first place). 

> it probably makes sense to 
> provide some scripts for packagers to make this job easy; perhaps even a
> little (gui? commandline? both?) tool that lets them select a strategy

I think packagers can do their job. Our buildsystem is powerful enough in 
theory, we just have to make sure that this is actually the case in practice 
by testing the different build scenarios. 

If anyone has suggestions on which build-paths should be tested by the 
dashboard I'm happy to add that. I've just switched off kicker for example 
and saw things breaking apart :)

Anyway, regarding the actual topic of this thread: 

the idea of kdeaddons was that it is "extra" stuff that is released together 
with KDE, partially because it was maintained by people who don't bother to 
do separate releases. It also means that translations are in sync with a 
defined state. 

Now, if we have a person or a group of people making sure that extragear gets 
regular releases (and that translations are synced with that), then I'm all 
for killing kdeaddons. 

But lets just for once stop killing things until the replacement strategy is 
in place. 



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