Installed sounds (no, really)

Jos Poortvliet jos at
Wed Aug 29 10:46:40 BST 2007

On 8/28/07, Jaison Lee <lee.jaison at> wrote:
> > I see two solutions here:
> > 1) Remove all the sounds put new theme in
> > 2) Move all sounds to a classic theme and put new theme in (Nuno way)
> >
> > With 1) old sounds are lost, not that I will miss them ;) but,
> > nostalgic are all around.
> > 2) seems pretty much an obvious solution. Have you listened the
> > Oxygen theme? it's not really "virtually the same".
> You really need to reread the majority of these threads.  :)

Come on guys, let's hug. It seems we are going to keep those old sound that
aren't duplicating Oxygen directly (eg old and new beep - keep new. Old
howling pinguin, new howling dog - keep both). It's OK to relax now.
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