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Mon Aug 27 18:36:08 BST 2007

2007/8/27, pinheiro <nuno at>:
> yes for the very simple reson that they are vastly supirior in ever
> aspect, we
> have all the sizes we want and we will provide resolution specific
> versions.
> Can the old ones do that?

I think we should be rationnal here. What we need and what we can do

- We need a small selection (10?  15? )  of great as possible wallpaper
- We need them fit the currents screen size (2560*1600, 1920*1200,
1680*1050...) and ratio (16/10 and 4/3)
- We need them be usable (see the icons on them for example...)
- We need they fit well with the other artwork
- We need them to be various (draw, camera's picture, a big texture...) to
fit the several tastes

And we have today arround 500 wallpapers  from the contest, and  some from
KDE3.  Why not just choose the bests, and try to forget if these are old or
not ? If the olds win, good, and if not, its means we'll have a better

But yea im not that maniac, if we get to midle tearm agreament im ok, but I
> have to give my opinion on artistic areas.

Yes. And i'm thinking Pinheiro and Davigno are the best we could have;)

About the poll idea, there are 2 sides. The good side is it reflect the user
choice (at least, if we allow 1 vote per IP for example). The bad side is
users could not have in mind the usability or artwork's harmonies issues.
Maybe the middle term agreement could be to select the 1st half (7-8?) by
the artist team, and the 2d half by the users with a poll.

What do you think about?
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