About Dialogs review

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 16:15:06 BST 2007

Hi all,

Despite the fact that right now About dialogs are screwed up because some
tags have been removed... I have been taking a look to see if they could be
even "better looking".

On the "About KDE" dialog I also did Konqui look transparent (note that I'm
_not_ good with graphics, and I know it can be really improved). However I
miss a SVG Konqui to make that dialog more fresh and different looking than
KDE 3 versions.

The result is on:

The patch is attached, and the binary file that can't be diff is on here:

As I say it would be really nice a SVG version of our Konqui that is resized
when that window is resized.

Please take in count that the patch contains some other things unrelated
(like the fix of the problems that already happens on SVN to the About

The main reason for this change is that the white background we were having
made the dialog look strange (at least to me), and the About KDE dialog even
more weird, because we had the Konqui background and the title background,
separated by the layout separation.

Rafael Fernández López.
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