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pinheiro nuno at
Mon Aug 27 14:45:01 BST 2007

A Monday 27 August 2007 14:29:09, Jaison Lee escreveu:
> > > In kdebase/runtime/kcontrol/knotify/sounds there are different sounds
> > > with the same name, although they have different extensions. For
> > > example KDE_Dialog_Disappear.ogg and KDE_Dialog_Disappear.wav. Does
> > > anyone know if this is unintentional duplication or intended to allow
> > > for user choice? Assuming the latter, I think using '1' and '2' is
> > > better than differing file extensions, plus the files could be
> > > converted to ogg.
> >
> > Can we just simple remove all of the old stuf and just keep the new ones
> > please? They are small simlpe and elegant.
> I don't see any reason to remove perfectly good preexisting sounds.
> The Oxygen ones are nice and I'm sure some people will enjoy them but
> others (such as myself) will like things as-is.

Ok and i gess the same goes to wallpapers, icons, and everything rest, makes 
If not for anything else, keping as small as possible.
I realy dont see any reson for this old stuf to not be removed to kde-look or 
somware like that.  


core oxygen icon designer

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