LTR/RTL paths

Alon Bar-Lev alon.barlev at
Sun Aug 26 18:51:48 BST 2007


On 8/26/07, Rafael Fernández López <ereslibre at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Playing with "theapplication -reverse" I have seen that when we go to an
> open dialog or we talk about a path, it is shown as it were a LTR language.
> With this I mean, we always have:
> /home/ereslibre/whatever/thefolder/thefile.txt
> While on RTL languages what makes sense to me is having:
> txt.thefile/thefolder/whatever/ereslibre/home/
> What's more. If we are completely fair, we should have:
> txt.thefile\thefolder\whatever\ereslibre\home\


The difference is the explicit paragraph direction.
The path fields should be displayed in RTL paragraph direction, the
difference comes from the paragraph direction. Just like any editbox
with RTL paragraph direction...

> I _know_ this can seriously crash with how things are shown in general in
> GNU/Linux. Since I don't have an actual RTL language, I don't know how paths
> are shown on those systems. Any hint ?

The RTL is just a matter of presentation... No OS support is required.

Best Regards,

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