config option for KDirWatch method

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Wed Aug 22 12:48:34 BST 2007

On Tuesday, 21. August 2007, Evgeny Egorochkin wrote:

> In fact, those files are best indexed while they are still in the cache. It
> will work just fine as long as you don't svn up over 1G pipe on a 500mhz
> machine. Also, you could optimize the process by turning off/deferring
> hashing and potentially some other expensive analyzers. Indexing of text
> files is not as expensive as you might think. Also consider that SSDs will
> soon finally materialize on power user desktop.

That might be true, however that doesn`#t mean that you have to watch every 
directory via inotify. 

> Exactly. Having up-to-date stuff is the #1 priority. Moreso when you want
> to search different sources like chat logs, emails etc at once.

You should use auditd then to track system activity instead of doing static 
inotify watches. this was really designed to just track changes to a very 
small subset of files or directories that you actually carea bout. 

> > > I`ve tried to talk about this with Jos already and it seems we have
> > > conflicting goals here.
> > if by "we" you mean "us as developers and the rest of the world as users"
> > i'd agree.

Not at all. I`m not talking about developers at all, but about users. I happen 
to work for the company that ships an integrated desktop search engine for 
KDE, so I heard a bit of feedback ;)


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