Trouble with glib2, pkg-config and cmake under Debian

Josef Spillner spillner at
Wed Aug 22 10:04:29 BST 2007

On Wednesday 22 August 2007 10:39:41 Hans Meine wrote:
> But as Thiago points out, there are problems with programs like cmake and
> qmake, which need only the path, not the cmdline args for the compiler. 
> This needs workarounds like this (from a .pro file):

I see. Wouldn't it be wise of us them to request a fix from the pkg-config 
developers then?

And I remember I told in Dublin that declarative is better than imperative in 
build systems, and somehow lost the discussion. Now there's better ammunition 
available :)
A related issue is how automake merged the _INCLUDES into _CPPFLAGS, which I 
also never understood.


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