[PATCH] New signal for KKeySequenceWidget

Thomas McGuire thomas.mcguire at gmx.net
Mon Aug 20 21:43:42 BST 2007


attached a patch which adds a new signal to KKeySequenceWidget. This signal is 
like the existing keySequenceChanged() signal, just with more parameters.

The new parameters include the old key sequence and a boolean flag wether the 
key sequence was changed programmatically or by the user.

This is necessary to correctly port the usages of KKeySequenceWidget. 
Currently, the code using the widget is incorrect, because it relies on the 
fact that the new key sequence is not yet set when the signal is emitted. 
This is however not the case anymore with the new KKeySequenceWidget.
Because of this, reverting to the old shortcut if a conflict occurs is not 

A quick look at lxr.kde.org reveals that all users outside of KDEUI are 
currently incorrect and could benefit from the new signal.

Attached also a sample change of one of the four usages in KMail.

OK to commit next Monday (27th)?
(if there are no objections, I'll commit)

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