clarification on git, central repositories and commit access lists

Johannes Sixt J.Sixt at
Mon Aug 20 12:02:01 BST 2007

Guillaume Laurent wrote:
> On Monday 20 August 2007, Adam Treat wrote:
> > What if I want to make a commit to kdelibs that will require changes in
> > other modules for them to compile.  I will no longer be able to make a
> > single atomic commit with changes to multiple submodules, right?
> That was one of my main interrogations about the idea of having several
> repositories as well. Also, how do you handle backtracking ? Do you have to
> maintain a table saying 'version [N1-M1] of kdegraphics need version [N2-M2]
> of kdelibs' ? That pretty much defeats the idea of a version control system,
> unless I'm missing something.

No. The superproject is this "table". You check out the superproject[*]
and only the submodules kdelibs and kdegraphics. Then you automatically
have a working combination if the superproject maintainer has done his

[*] Note that checking out the superproject does *not* require that all
subprojects are also present. IOW, if you like to hack on kdegraphics,
then you clone only that; if you need to change something in kdelibs,
too, clone the superproject and only kdelibs and kdegraphics.

-- Hannes

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