Arnold Kraschinski arnold.kra67 at gmx.de
Sun Aug 19 12:24:38 BST 2007


I think some lines in the kconfigdialogmanager.cpp file should be changed. The 
API doesn't change.

The class QButton is no longer part of Qt.

QPushButton doesn't have a signal stateChanged()  use clicked(bool) instead?

QButtonGroup doesn't have a signal clicked(int)   use buttonClicked(int) 

QDateEdit, QTimeEdit, QDateTimeEdit don't have a signal valueChanged(..) use 
dateChanged(const QDate &) for QDateEdit
timeChanged(const QTime &) for QTimeEdit
dateTimeChanged(const QDateTime &) for QDateTimeEdit    instead?

QTextBrowser doesn't have signal sourceChanged(QString)   use sourceChanged ( 
const QUrl &)   instead?

The class QMultiLineEdit is no longer a part of Qt.

I checked all Q-classes now. I didn't check the K-classes yet.

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