Typos / weirdness in QFlags default arguments

Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Sun Aug 19 00:32:36 BST 2007

In kdelibs methods that take QFlags arguments with a default, like so (from 

void setShapeGesture(const KShapeGesture& gest, ShortcutTypes type = 
static_cast<ShortcutType>(ActiveShortcut | DefaultShortcut));

there seem to be two things wrong: the static cast to ShortcutType instead of 
ShortcutTypes and the fact that static cast is being used at all. Is there a 
good reason to avoid

ShortcutTypes(ActiveShortcut | DefaultShortcut)


QFlags<ShortcutType>(ActiveShortcut) | QFlags<ShortcutType>(DefaultShortcut)

here? I vaguely recall there being compiler issues with templated default 
arguments a year or more back; there's certainly compiler issues with the 
existing static casts.

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