Removing old classes and random stuff

Matt Rogers mattr at
Sat Aug 18 14:38:47 BST 2007

On Friday 17 August 2007 05:52, Mosfet wrote:
> First off, I'm working on removing the last of the KImageEffect calls from
> kdelibs and noticed the KPixmapRegionSelectorWidget/Dialog classes in kdeui
> use KImageEffect::rotate(). That in itself isn't a problem porting to Qt
> but it also uses the KImageEffect::RotateDirection enum in it's own methods
> so I'd have to make a binary incompatible change and move this enum to
> KPixmapRegionSelectorWidget itself on Monday.
> Still no problem but looking on lxr I'm not seeing anything using this
> class so am wondering if it's obsolete.

Kopete uses KPixmapRegionSelectorDialog to handle selecting certain areas of a 
photo to use as a user's chat avatar. So it's getting used somewhere. ;)

> On a related note I've also been going through kdebase. Since I've been
> gone a long time I'm not up to date on plasma and need to make sure if the
> following is still relevent with the new stuff:
> kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/background/
> kdebase/workspace/kicker/taskbar/

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