kdefx and Blitz

Mosfet daniel.duley at verizon.net
Fri Aug 17 17:07:22 BST 2007

Besides the fact that it is possible and rather easy, (it was discussed quite 
in depth later in the thread), it's not really relevant now.  Kdelibs will 
not require Blitz, although base will.

On Friday 17 August 2007 10:39:14 am Dirk Mueller wrote:
> On Monday, 13. August 2007, Allen Winter wrote:
> > We believe it will be possible to remove the dependency on Blitz
> > in a binary compatible way in future KDE 4.x releases, if necessary.
> Hum? its plain impossible to remove blitz in a binary compatible fashion in
> future versions. how do you envision that should happen?
> if we add it as a required dependency to kdelibs, then we have to stick
> with it until KDE5. which also means that we can`t change the API.
> Dirk

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