Removing old classes and random stuff

Mosfet daniel.duley at
Fri Aug 17 11:52:40 BST 2007

First off, I'm working on removing the last of the KImageEffect calls from 
kdelibs and noticed the KPixmapRegionSelectorWidget/Dialog classes in kdeui 
use KImageEffect::rotate(). That in itself isn't a problem porting to Qt but 
it also uses the KImageEffect::RotateDirection enum in it's own methods so 
I'd have to make a binary incompatible change and move this enum to 
KPixmapRegionSelectorWidget itself on Monday.

Still no problem but looking on lxr I'm not seeing anything using this class 
so am wondering if it's obsolete.

On a related note I've also been going through kdebase. Since I've been gone a 
long time I'm not up to date on plasma and need to make sure if the following 
is still relevent with the new stuff:


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