kparts/componentfactory.h (was: plugin loading (was: kcmoduleinfo / Plugin linking problem))

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Wed Aug 15 14:00:53 BST 2007

Hi Matthias and all,

> createPartInstanceFromLibrary(const char *libraryName, QWidget
> *parentWidget,
>     QObject *parent, const QStringList &args, int *error)
> LXR: 5 uses

I did use this for Dolphin for loading KFind through KParts (still not
committed). But form the previous thread this method is insecure (or
at least nosense) because a library could contain more than one

> KParts::Factory changes the KLibFactory interface a bit by adding the
> partComponentData and createPartObject functions. The latter function
> differs
> from the KLibFactory create function only in that it adds a parentWidget
> argument. The partComponentData() function could be moved up to
> KLibFactory/KPluginFactory and renamed to pluginComponentData() or simply
> componentData().
> IMHO we should try to remove both KParts::Factory and
> KParts::ComponentFactory. Opinions?

The impact doesn't seem to be very big. From my point of view is OK...
we should get rid of those classes that are not really necessary for
making the API easier and less conflictive

Rafael Fernández López.

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