Qt-Copy causing rendering issues

Mirko Stocker me at misto.ch
Wed Aug 15 12:53:47 BST 2007

On Saturday 11 August 2007 12:38:22 Mirko Stocker wrote:
> On Thursday 09 August 2007 22:45:04 Mirko Stocker wrote:
> > On Tuesday 07 August 2007 10:50:18 Mark Kretschmann wrote:
> > > with the latest qt-copy I'm experiencing all sorts of weird widget
> > > rendering issues. E.g. heavy flickering on redraw, random pixel salad,
> > > buttons looking weird, etc.
> >
> > I have the same problems, but I noticed that it's much better when I use
> > the oxygen style. Except for the buttons..
> Just wanted to add that my problems went away after I disabled the
> composite extension in xorg.conf.

If someone wants to try that, you just have to disable/comment the following 
lines in your xorg.conf:

Section "Extensions"
    Option      "Composite"     "enable"

I'm interested if that helps someone else too.


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