Inactivate some output in the new kDebug calls

Kleag kleag at
Wed Aug 15 11:18:31 BST 2007


Is there a way to inactivate some output of the new kDebug ? Because in the 
current form I find it somewhat unusable with something like 200 chars (or 
600 if there is some templates) before the actual message.

I have missed some messages I think and I don't understand the rationale 
behind the change. imo, debug messages should be adaptable by the developer 
as they are read by him/her. Thus, the interest of something like k_funcinfo 
or the other __FILE__, etc. 
Maybe this could be made easier to use but I find the current setting really 
too heavy to be useful. I'd prefer to be able to activate the current 
behavior if needed with a kind of switch and to have by default the old one.

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