Konqueror internals question (hunting an annoying KDE3 usability glitch)

Hans Meine hans_meine at gmx.net
Mon Aug 13 12:35:58 BST 2007


I was just trying to find out why Ctrl-N (new tab) clears the location bar 
twice.  This annoys me a lot, since I always start typing 
e.g. "<Ctrl-N>gg:konqueror rules", but end up with "ror rules" in the 
location bar (especially in high-load situations).  I found out that the 
guilty KonqMainWindow::slotPartActivated() gets called twice when opening a 
new tab (both calls via KonqViewManager::emitActivePartChanged()), which 
looks like a bug AFAICS.

The reason is that KonqViewManager::showTab()
1) first calls showPage(), which leads to a call of setActivePart() that 
starts m_activePartChangedTimer, and then
2) directly calls emitActivePartChanged().
3) Then the timer from 1) fires and emitActivePartChanged() is called again.

What I did not yet find out is why showPage() leads to a call of 
setActivePart() (although that does not sound wrong in any way).  Now maybe 
someone with more knowledge of Konquerors internals could comment on this 
(and the above)?

Ciao, /  /                                                    .o.
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    /  / ANS                                                  ooo
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