Which styles to keep?

Fredrik Höglund fredrik at kde.org
Sun Aug 12 18:42:07 BST 2007

On Saturday 11 August 2007 22:30, Mosfet wrote:
> <Maksim wrote>
> I think we do need highcontrast for accessibility. Web was never ported into 
> 3.x, but I want to bring it back for 4.1 (should look sweet with AA)...
> But anyway, if you feel like finishing up the holes in KStyle for me :p ....
> </Maksim>
> I did take a look at KStyle while browsing around and it looked okay at first 
> glance. It seems like someone, (Fredrik?), has also been maintaining the KWin 
> styles.

I wouldn't say I've been maintaining them, but I did fix a bug in the
Plastik style recently that's been bothering me for a while :)

There probably isn't much that needs to be done for them, because the
style API in KWin hasn't really changed since 3.x. Of course the fake
anti-aliasing and transparency in Plastik and other styles isn't necessary
anymore, now that QPainter supports transparent and anti-aliased

About KStyle, there is a list of things that need to be done in


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