kdelibs 3/4 conflicts, plan

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat Aug 11 05:20:12 BST 2007

Rex Dieter wrote:
> Appended is a snippet from a conversation this morning on #kde4-devel 
> ... thiago asked me to post it for wider consumption.
> Of particular interest to kde-packagers is stuff before
> ===
> after, kde-core-devel folks. :)  Enjoy.

This list at the link seems to be mostly icons, but the cure should be 
the same for all of it.  I would recommend that you don't install KDE4 
in the same prefix as KDE3, at least till you are ready to release 
packages which will replace KDE3 with KDE4.  This is especially true for 
icons.  We have not completed renaming icons and till we do, you should 
expect problems if you use the same prefix.  As we change the names of 
icons, RPMS are going to need to remove icons with the old names when 
you do an Upgrade so you don't want to do this with the same directory.

OTOH, if you "install" an RPM rather than doing an "Upgrade", you should 
expect to see conflicts.  Not usually a lot like you have, but this is 
probably a special case.


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