Blitz 0.0.3 is available for download

Mosfet daniel.duley at
Fri Aug 10 16:55:34 BST 2007

Oh yeah, I didn't think about that: people build kdesupport before libs ;-)

That isn't a problem. The only part that needs KDE is the test app and that is 
easy enough to change.

BTW: Applied for a SVN account last night and did a little hacking, (cpu 
identification cleanups - this was really messy because I was using it in 
non-Qt console apps and in the process nastified the code). Going to leave in 
a few, (already late), but will be back tonight and remove any KDE deps.

On Friday 10 August 2007 10:19:03 am Allen Winter wrote:
> On Thursday 09 August 2007 11:10:41 am Mosfet wrote:
> Daniel,
> I forgot to mention, even though you probably already know this...
> But you should keep Blitz "KDE free" as long as it lives in kdesupport.
> -Allen

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