[PATCH] kcmoduleinfo [WAS] Plugin linking problem

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 03:44:05 BST 2007


Adapting more *.desktop files (now on kdepim) I see that on this module this
is pretty common. For example, note that:

kcm_kleopatra.so provides 3 entry points to the library:
   - kleopatra_config_appear
   - kleopatra_config_dnorder
   - kleopatra_config_dirserv

kcm_kmail.so provides 6 entry points to the library:
   - kmail_config_misc
   - kmail_config_composer
   - kmail_config_identity
   - kmail_config_appearance
   - kmail_config_security
   - kmail_config_accounts

kcm_knode.so provides 7 entry points to the library:
   - knode_config_identity
   - knode_config_accounts
   - knode_config_read_news
   - knode_config_privacy
   - knode_config_cleanup
   - knode_config_appearance
   - knode_config_post_news

kcm_korganizer.so provides 9 entry points to the library:
   - korganizerconfigplugins
   - korganizerconfigtime
   - korganizerconfiggroupscheduling
   - korganizerconfigfreebusy
   - korgdesignerfields
   - korganizerconfiggroupautomation
   - korganizerconfigviews
   - korganizerconfigmain
   - korganizerconfigcolorsandfonts

This is only for kdepim. I've cleaned up almost everything (well some help
from apaku on kdewebdev and kdevelop :).

This is just for pointing out that it would be interesting to keep the
ability for libraries providing more than one service (well in this case,
the problem didn't appear because those libraries are ONLY providing
KCModules, so the library itself starts with "kcm_" and everything works

It would be nice if the support for this comes from Qt, but if not, we could
have something as we do right now on our libraries.

Rafael Fernández López.
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