[PATCH] kcmoduleinfo [WAS] Plugin linking problem

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 23:17:48 BST 2007

> Ah -- OK. That's cheating :)
> The first argument to K_EXPORT_COMPONENT_FACTORY is supposed to be the
> libname,
> but in this case it's something else.

That is what it was supposed to be, but no. The documentation there I think
wasn't very clear. Is the FactoryName. What happens is that in case that the
X-KDE-FactoryName is missed in a .desktop file, X-KDE-Library is taken in
its place. So yeah, it is the library in the case that X-KDE-FactoryName is
not provided on the .desktop file.

>             Q_EXTERN_C Q_DECL_EXPORT \
>             const char * Q_STANDARD_CALL
> qt_plugin_query_verification_data() \
>             { return qt_plugin_verification_data; } \
> qt_plugin_instance() \
> So surely this doesn't allow to export more than one plugin from a
> plugin-library, does it?

Hmm... is a pity. It was really nice a library could provide more than one
service (call it plugin, kcmodule, or whatever). So, I commit my changes for
Monday or I leave them ?

I think we could do something on KDE for allowing a library provide more
than one service, that sounds a bit poor to me :(

Bye and thanks,
Rafael Fernández López.
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