Making kdefx static

Mosfet daniel.duley at
Mon Aug 6 16:21:45 BST 2007

<Maksim wrote:>
Look, the only thing I really want is some sort of "I am back, and reasonably 
expect to be back for a while" statement. That's all. What I wouldn't like is 
if there was a bunch of cool code from you in kdelibs with no one to call as 
its maintainer.

Of course, that is totally understandable. I am sorry if I was rude. 

I think it should be pretty clear that I am actively maintaining this code 
now, and have been for sometime on my own. Once Quasar is out I plan on 
moving to that and will maintain my code there as well.

I'm about to release 0.0.3 which contains more documentation, has been 
throughly valgrinded, krazied (but doesn't pass with 0 messages yet), and 
tested on 32bpp RGB, RGBA, 8bit, and premultiplied images. I'm actually 
putting a lot of work into this because several things I want to move to 
Quasar once it's ready, so it's not effort wasted once KDE4.1 is released.

<Maksim also wrote>
I am obviously not aware of any turning down other than Zack's grand plans,
which IMHO should not be a detriment to you --- should you get an SVN
account again, what you do with or for kdelibs will have as much of
significance as what Zack may do. Ultimately, what gets done matters...

Sure, the thing I was referring to is I offered to get this done a long time 
ago, so when people complain that I've been gone so long I get rather 
frustrated ;-) But that is old news and your right that what matters is now.

I plan on uploading 0.0.3 to sourceforge, at least for now, until it is 
decided by the other developers what to do. I'm still not seeing what the 
problem is with having it as an external dependency. That won't be okay for 
Quasar but I think it should be alright for Blitz, which really is just a 
stopgap measure.

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