Possibility to add support for QMap in KConfigGroup?

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sun Aug 5 10:10:26 BST 2007


this is a RFC wether its possible to add support for QMap to
KConfigGroup read/writeEntry. I mean just
QMap<QString,QVariant> with the value type _not_ restricted to plain
QString, so that nested QMaps are possible as well (I could then strip
some extra logic from KDevelops Environment Variable widget, which now
produces a string from a QMap<QString, QMap<QString, QString> >.

I'm more interested in technical problems at the moment and I'm not
suggesting to add this to kdelibs for 4.0.

Comments about why this would be a bad idea are still welcome though.


PS: This would be easier if KConfig would have gotten support for nested
groups ;)

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