building and running tests - new target "buildtests"

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Sun Aug 5 03:00:19 BST 2007


if you don't have KDE4_ENABLE_TESTS enabled, the tests in KDE4 are not built 
by default. So "make test" can't find the executables, i.e. you have to build 
them manually before ("make klocaletest" etc.)

I just committed a change to KDE4Macros.cmake so that now there is a new 
target "buildtests" which should build all tests in the current and all its 
So you should now be able to do "make buildtests test" and have all tests 
built and executed.

If you find problems with this let me know.

Especially, does it work with MSVC and XCode ?


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