Making kdefx static

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Fri Aug 3 23:59:21 BST 2007

Allen Winter wrote:
> On Friday 03 August 2007 6:39:21 pm Maksim Orlovich wrote:
>> The thing to understand about KImageEffect is that it has a small number
>> of largely used functions, and a large number of barely used ones which
>> don't work too well. IMHO, the former ones should stay --- what's the
>> problem with them? ... And removing them because someone is promising a
>> super-fancy image framework is just silly. The later should probably go,
>> of course.
> Yes, by all means keep the good stuff.
> I was under the impression that all of kdefx was "sub-optimal".

Well, one of the "widely used" bits is gradients :-) which I think 
should still go unless it is doing something Qt doesn't? I think the 
situation hasn't changed much; figure out what is still needed that Qt 
doesn't provide and nuke the rest (preferably all of it...).

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