Making kdefx static

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Fri Aug 3 22:20:48 BST 2007

(meh, forget quoting)

Ok, summary so far:
Thiago says we can't have a static kdefx. But we can't have a dynamic 
kdefx either. So I guess winterz is right; we can't have kdefx :-). I'll 
see what else transpires over the weekend, and plan to start a 'kdefx 
going away' thread on Monday (along with a 'please stop using it before 
then!' plea ;-) - I'll clean up everything I can but I'm gone 
Thursday-Sunday next week).

Tom objected to blitz in kdelibs. If we kill kdefx, this is of course 
right out as both he and winterz have pointed out, plus I agree with his 
other arguments (about the code being unproven). So I think the question 
here is, should we still consider adding blitz to kdesupport as a crutch 
for applications that would really feel the pain otherwise?

"Non sequitor. Your facts are out of order." -- Nomad

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