[PATCH] remove UDSEntry from the public KIO API?

Leo Savernik l.savernik at aon.at
Wed Aug 1 18:00:36 BST 2007

Am Dienstag, 31. Juli 2007 schrieb Jos Poortvliet:
> [1] it's not really like it's ready yet:
>  http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gtk-devel-list/2007-February/msg00062.html

This read also conveys that there's actually a difference between gvfs and 
gnome-vfs, the latter being used by gnome now and the former intended as its 

First, why does gnome replace their gnome-vfs with gvfs? Does it mean 
gnome-vfs sucks?

Second, gvfs introduces streaming classes which is actually another code 
duplication with what is already provided by qt, making users of KDE -- in 
case of switching -- pay the price in increased demands on resources.

While the UDSEntry refactoring seems to be justified by technical reasoning, 
it nowhere does imply or enforce any commitment to adoption of any gnome 
infrastructure technology.


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