KDE4: KSystemTrayIcon and QWheelEvent

Christian Esken esken at kde.org
Fri Sep 29 15:43:09 BST 2006


while trying to port KMix to KDE4 I found that QWheelEvent's are not supported 
in (Q|K)SystemTrayIcon. 
The MouseWheel on KMix-Systray is what users like very much. I care about that 
much more than the middle mouse click (which was discussed in July and kindly 
added by Trolltech).

Is there any chance on receiving those events again? It wouldn't have to be full featured QWheelEvent's, a "Button4" and "Button5" ActivationReason would be enough.


PS: Its not only about KMix: Juk seems to use QWheelEvent's too.
PPS: The code is well hidden in a private QSystemTrayIconSys (qsystemtrayicon_x11.cpp), so I don't see a way to override that myself.

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