[OT] Linux clientes and NTLM authentication

Marcelo Magno T. Sales marcelo.sales at sefaz.pe.gov.br
Fri Sep 29 13:11:35 BST 2006

Hi, György

Em Sexta 29 Setembro 2006 08:53, Szombathelyi György escreveu:
> Actually ISA is a 3 in 1 solution. Every of its aspects have free
> alternatives implemented with open standards:
> - HTTP proxy - I don't need to describe this, I think
> - SOCKS5 like proxy - this can route all traffic from clients with
> possible authentication. Since it's not a SOCKS5 implementation, you
> need to find a client which can communicate with the ISA proprietary
> protocol. The ISA client on windows is doing this.
> - Ordinary IP based NAT solution - that cannot support authentication,
> since the Internet Protocol not designed for this.
> So to authenticate all traffic, you need to find an ISA client for
> Linux, or change ISA server to an open-standards based SOCKS5 proxy
> server, which has free clients for both Windows and Linux. Maybe ISA can
> act as a SOCKS5 server, I don't know.

Thanks for your answer. Since I'm migrating everything I can from MS to Linux, 
the SOCKS5 solution is more attractive to me. An ISA client for Linux would 
solve my immediate problem, but I would be just delaying a definitive 
So, if I have a SOCKS5 server, are there SOCKS5 clients for Linux that would 
work in a completely transparent way, like the ISA Firewall Client for 

Thank you very much,


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