objections to disallowing in-source builds in all KDE modules ?

Maksim Orlovich mo85 at cornell.edu
Fri Sep 29 05:08:27 BST 2006

> I'll try and write-up a page somewhere on the website that we can link
> to that briefly outlines some of the benefits of the out-of-source
> build. That way individuals who are initially confused by what they
> believe is an arbitrary restriction can see some of the reasoning
> behind it.

Too bad those "benefits" are not the actual reason, which we know as Alex
was kind enough to share his reasoning in his initial post:

"This can lead to ugly effects if you change from in-source to
out-of-source and somehow some generated files are still lying around in the
source tree or if the CMakeCache.txt still exists there (happened yesterday

To avoid these potential problems, I'd like to disable in-source builds in
KDE modules."

In other words, the reasoning was not any sort of benefits of one setup or
another, but that -people may screw up when changing between them-.

Of course, that screw up can be viewed as pointing out a big flaw in the
separate builddir setup, as srcdir == blddir setup can not possibly suffer
from this problem.

ticked off by post-factum re-rationalizations.

P.S. I hereby think that anyone supporting such a change has forever lost
their right to make fun of any and all warning labels on consumer products
in the US.

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