jstreams and strigi for KFileMetaInfo

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Thu Sep 28 18:23:13 BST 2006

On Thursday 28 September 2006 10:56, Krzysztof Lichota wrote:
> I don't see advantages of hardcoding Strigi into KDE.
> Create API for metadata plugins, create open format for data exchange
> and let anyone plug in what he thinks works best for his needs.

if you wish to put a layer over strigi and introduce the concept of a "data 
source provider for metadata" with the possibility for more than one backend, 
that's fine. we still need to provide a default backend and we still need at 
least one backend. strigi seems to fit that need right now.

all i'm suggesting is that we remove the plugins from kfmi and instead put 
them into strigi and work with that as the (default) data source for us. the 
design and framework neutrality of strigi seems to offer advantages.

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